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Mrs. Lorraine Holmes- Speech Therapist
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Welcome to Mrs. Lorraine Holmes’ Speech-Language Pathologist Webpage!!


My Mission Statement:


As Greeleyville Elementary School Speech-Language Pathologists I am dedicated to facilitating speech and language acquisition and development in all students and in particular those with communication disorders. My purpose is to help students find their unique voices as they use language to think, learn, affirm their ideas, and develop social relationships.


I work collaboratively with and provide resources for administrators, teachers, parents, and special educators in their efforts to develop goals and instructional strategies that support academic achievement. We practice respectful, open communication that fosters creativity, welcomes new ideas, acknowledges individual talents and contributions, and promotes teamwork. My commitment to continuing professional development strengthens my ability to advocate for our students and their families. 


 Who Is A Speech/Language Pathologist?


 A Speech/Language Pathologist is a professional, with a degree in Speech/Language Pathology or beyond,  who evaluates, diagnoses, and provides treatment for children with Speech/Language Disorders and/or Delays.  Areas of Speech/Language that are addressed include:


  • Articulation:  How speech sounds are produced.

  • Phonology: How sounds are organized into classes and the rules/patterns that govern production.

  • Receptive Language: How we comprehend language and language concepts in a variety of areas: semantics (vocabulary), syntax (grammar), pragmatics (social skills), and morphology (word order).  Listening and Auditory Processing (how language is processed auditorally) is also included in Receptive Language (example:  following multi-step directions).

  • Expressive Language:  How we use language to express ideas, feelings, and needs in a variety of areas: semantics (vocabulary), syntax (grammar), pragmatics (social skills), and morphology (word order).

  • Fluency: How fluently, or smoothly, we speak.

  • Voice: How we use our voice and maintain a healthy vocal hygiene program. (click link)

For additional information, visit the American Speech/Language/Hearing Association (ASHA)