20172018 Mechanical Mustangs Team

2017-2018 Mechanical Mustangs Team

The following students students have been chosen to represent GMS for the 2017-2018 school year for our regional FLL Robotics Team.   


Please know that these decisions were VERY difficult.  We could not pick every student who had experience, even if they had several years experience.   Out of over 40 applicants, we could only choose 10.  This is an FLL regulation.  There were many applicants who had great character, great references and great experience.   Our decisions were based on: 


Teacher recommendation

Grades for the 2016-2017 school year

Willingness to do different tasks on the team (not just program or build)

Past experience on a team and the team coaches recommendation


We strongly encourage you to apply again next year!   


Mechanical Mustangs 17-18 Team: 

Rosie Valmorez

Andrew Simpson

Aubrey Boyle

Jon Arnsdorff

Draven Baker

Natalie Peyton

Kaelee Storozuk

Cija Willison

Landon Dandridge

Matthew Timmons