Welcome From Our Principal

Welcome From Our Principal
letter from Principal



My name is Debra Oge.  I am the proud instructional leader of Guess Elementary School.  

It is my 29th year in the field of education and I am proud to say that I started my career

right here at Guess Elementary.  The mission statement here at Guess Elementary states that

the Guess Team, which is comprised of administrators, staff, teachers, parents and students

will function as a cooperative, knowledgeable, positive and compassionate group.  We will provide

instruction through preparation, open-mindnessness and individual approaches.  Every student

will grow in a safe learning environment where students are loved, nurtured and challenged

to grow into lifelong learners.  Our value statement, our motto - "Where All Students Lasso 

Success".  We chose this because our mascot is the cowboy, so we thought, what better way - 

we are going to lasso success.  I am honored to serve guess students.  I take every opportunity to let

our parents know that I certainly have an open door policy and they can reach me anytime.  

In fact, I spend many hours here working toward the success of children.  I need our parents to

understand that the community, the school and the students are like a tripod and if one is weak

then the tripod falls.  That is true with the students, parents and teachers; so we firmly believe

that communication is the key.  I certainly appreciate the opportunity that our parents give us each

day to teach their children.  We certainly have the desire and dedication.  I work with what I call -

"A Dream Team of Teachers" who come to work every single day dedicated to teaching your children.  

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your child's education. Guess Elementary staff is  are

certainly dedicated to the success of your child.  Thank you.