Campus Policies and Handbook

Campus Policies and Handbook


It’s the parent’s responsibility to see that their child attends school every day. If your student is absent, please contact the school the day of the absence by 10:00 AM and send a note explaining the child’s absence when he/she returns. A physician’s statement may be required after three or more consecutive days of absence. Student’s who miss school because of an excused absence, must ask the teacher for makeup work, and return the completed work to the teacher in a timely manner. Vacations or business trips are not recognized by the State as acceptable reasons for students being out of school and will be treated as unexcused. Therefore, these days should be planned only for school holidays that do not disrupt student learning or cause loss of credit. Continual attendance violations may affect promotion status and may require doctor’s excuse for each absence. The decision of excused or unexcused absences rests in the hands of the principal.



Beaumont Independent School District has a formal attendance policy that spells out the guidelines for the district. Students who arrive after attendance is taken will be counted absent. Please send a note explaining the reason for the absence when your child returns to school. If the office does not receive a note within five (5) days, the absence is considered unexcused. If it is necessary for the student to leave school early, a parent must come to the office to sign out the child. Appointments should be made for after school. Send a note to the teacher or call the office at the beginning of the day so your child will be sent to the office to be picked up. If your student has a doctor/dentist appointment during school hours please make sure you get a doctor’s note to bring back when the student returns to school. If a student leaves and returns in the same day with a doctor’s note they will not be counted absent.



Please notify the school office, nurse and teacher if you have a change of address and/or telephone number at home or work. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – if your child or the school should need to get in touch with you in an emergency. Proof of residence may be required (e.g. lease agreement or current utility bill).



It is helpful to label everything your child brings to school. Toys and playground equipment should be brought only with teacher approval. Lost and found is located in the gym. Electronic games, handheld video games, etc. are not allowed at school. Cell phones are allowed, but must be kept in backpack and turned off. If a cell phone is found outside of backpack it will be sent to the front office.



Students who ride bicycles to school should park them in the bike racks and lock them. The school is at no time responsible for damage or loss of a bicycle. Once the student arrives on campus, the student should walk the bike to the bike rack. Riding the bike on campus is not allowed.



Classes will hold 3 parties per year; Christmas, Valentines and End of School. The parties will be held the last hour of the day on the scheduled date. The state FMNV regulations will be suspended for these 3 parties. Treat bags will be handed out as the students exit school on the following holidays – Halloween and Easter. Homeroom mothers and homeroom teachers are responsible for seeing that each student has the opportunity to participate in parties and receive treat bags.



Books are issued to the students at the beginning of the school year. BOOKS MUST BE COVERED AT ALL TIMES. At the end of the year, the student must return them in good condition. Parents are required to pay for lost or damaged books.



Riding a bus is a privilege provided by the school district and should be treated as such. Students must obey all instructions given by the driver. Failure to comply with bus rules as outlined in the BISD Transportation Code of Conduct could result in the student being suspended from riding the bus as well as other discipline as deemed appropriate by building administration.



Open communication between parents and teachers regarding a student’s academic, behavioral and social progress at school is always encouraged. On occasion, you may be contacted by your child’s teacher requesting a conference. If you would like to arrange a conference, send a note to the teacher or call the school office and leave a message for the teacher.



The counselor’s role is to plan, implement, evaluate and teach comprehensive guidance curriculum. Students may be referred to the counselor by parent, teacher or self-referral. Counseling services include coordinating school and community activities, assess students and interpret test data.



Parents must inform the teachers, baby-sitter, and/or daycare center by note of any change in the student’s daily schedule. The school’s responsibility for supervision ends at the school door at dismissal time. Be sure the name of the daycare and phone number is current on the enrollment sheet in the office.



A student’s behavior should conform to acceptable standards of conduct as established by the BISD Code of Conduct. The staff requests parental support in helping maintain appropriate conduct in school. Children’s behavior should reflect self-respect and consideration for the rights, feelings and property of others.



Student dismissal time is 3:20 PM. Car pick-up and drop-off is located at the back of the school. Students will remain in the pick-up area until 3:40 PM. Please make sure your student is picked up promptly. To promote a smoother, more efficient pick-up, we ask that you pull to the front of the line. Your child will walk to your vehicle. Students at no time are allowed to cross the street unsupervised.



The BISD District Student Handbook states that “Students who participate in school sponsored trips are required to use transportation provided by the school to and from the event. The principal, however; may make an exception if the parent makes a written request that the student be released to the parent or to another adult designated by the parent”. Therefore, if you would like to transport your child home from a school sponsored field trip, you will need to send a note to the office 24 hours before the field trip date to be approved by Ms. Oge.



Kindergarteners receive E = Excellent, S = Satisfactory, N = Needs Improvement and U = Unsatisfactory.


First through Fifth grades receive numerical grades in all subjects:

A = 100 – 90, B = 89 – 80, C = 79 – 75, D = 74 – 70 and F = 69 and below.

NF/NP means No credit – Excessive absences.


Report cards are issued every six weeks. Progress reports will be given to each student having a grade of 75 or below after the mid-point of the grading period.



When homework is assigned, it will be given in modest amounts. Homework assignments are to reinforce what was learned in class.



Menus for the whole school year are sent home in August. Lunches will not be charged. Please send lunch money in an envelope with student’s name, ID#, and teacher’s name to the cafeteria. You may register with and prepay for lunches. Breakfast is served free of charge to all students.



Students are expected to talk quietly, be polite to the cafeteria monitors, clean up their eating area and obey the rules of the cafeteria monitors.


Cafeteria Rules:

  • The red light will be on when you enter. That means no talking
  • Once all students are served, the yellow light will be on, meaning quiet talk will be allowed.
  • Students are to stay seated.
  • Raise hand if you need something and wait for a teacher to come to you.
  • There will be no going back for snacks or seconds.
  • All students in a class will put up trays and trash as a group when the teachers instruct.
  • When students begin putting away trays and trash the red light will be turned on again. That means no talking at all.
  • After putting away trays and trash, you will return to tables, sit quietly and wait to be dismissed.



There are special designated areas for school bus loading and unloading. Please do not enter these areas. Do not stop in the drive through lane in back of the school and have your child try to cross the lane. Please make sure you do not leave your vehicle unattended. Please do not park in fire lanes. Also, please do not block our neighbor’s driveways along Griffin Street.



Students who have fever, rash, red eyes or other symptoms of communicable illness will be excluded from school. Students are checked for head lice and will be excluded until free of nits.



The school must have on file the signature of parent or guardian giving permission for emergency care. In addition, the school needs the names and telephone numbers of responsible persons, other than the parent in case the parent is not available in an emergency.



Students with a temperature of 100 degrees or more must go home and not return until they have been free of fever for 24 hours (without the use of Tylenol or Motrin). If your child is ill with a rash, vomiting, or ear pain, keep him/her home from school.



In order for the nurse to administer medication (prescription or over-the-counter), we MUST have: - A note signed by the physician and the parent or guardian for current school year. - Medication in the original container and labeled with current prescription instructions. ALL MEDICATION IS KEPT IN THE NURSE’S OFFICE. MEDICATION WILL NOT BE SENT HOME WITH STUDENTS (EXCEPT INHALERS).



Students have the right to learn to be the best that they can be. Teachers have the responsibility to teach to the best of their ability. We will respect those in charge, other students, and most of all, ourselves.



The name given at enrollment shall be the child’s official name taken from the certified birth certificate and will be used on all written records, which include report cards, cumulative folders, attendance records, and other school documents.



Physical Education is an integral part of the instructional program. All children will be required to participate unless a doctor’s note is presented. If on a particular day your child cannot participate, please send a signed note to your child’s teacher. A daily note will be satisfactory for up to three (3) consecutive days. After that time, a doctor’s note is required. Tennis shoes are required in the gym.



Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of your child during normal school hours. Periodic fire drills are executed to make certain students learn proper safety procedures and adhere to all safety guidelines.


Students should:

  • Avoid contact that is likely to put the student or other students at risk.
  • Follow the Student Code of Conduct and additional rules for behavior and safety set by the principal, teachers or bus drivers.
  • Remain alert to and promptly report safety hazards, such as intruders on campus.
  • Know emergency evacuation routes and signals.
  • Follow immediately the instructions of teachers, bus drivers, and other District employees who are overseeing the welfare of students.



Anyone damaging school property will be assessed a fine for repair or replacement of the property. The Texas Education Agency requires that state funded textbooks be kept covered and preserved in the best condition possible. Damages and losses must be paid for by the student. It is the student’s responsibility to help maintain the condition of the building, equipment and campus by avoiding their abuse. Take pride in our building.



7:25 AM - Early Morning Drop off – Gym

7:50 AM - Breakfast Begins – Cafeteria

8:10 AM - Students enter Classroom

8:25 AM - Tardy Bell Rings

11:00 AM - First Lunch Time Begins

1:00 PM - Last Lunch Time Ends

3:20 PM - Student Dismissal



  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Be on time for school.
  • Don’t forget your lunch.
  • Be prepared
  • Bring your school supplies.
  • Bring your books.
  • Don’t forget your finished homework.
  • Be respectful and courteous to others.
  • Listen carefully.



Supplies need to be marked with the student’s name and replenished during the year as the need arises.



The tardy bell rings at 8:25 AM. If a student comes to school after 8:25 AM your student must go to the office to get an admittance slip to enter their class. Students with excessive tardies can miss recess. Students must be in class by 8:25 AM or he/she is tardy.



At the beginning of the school year students are assigned a mode of transportation home (bus, daycare, walk, etc). Please send a note to the student’s teacher regarding any changes in travel arrangements for your student. If a change arises during the school day regarding student mode of transportation please call the office and we will send a note to the student. Without written permission from parents the student will go home via their assigned mode of transportation.


Students should:

  • Walk with someone in the neighborhood.
  • NOT talk to strangers.
  • NOT bother others by hitting, pushing, name calling, etc.
  • Stay on the right-hand side of the street when riding a bicycle. Travel with the traffic.
  • Stay on the sidewalk while walking and do not disturb homeowners’ possessions.
  • Riding roller blades or skateboards is not permitted on campus.



Visitors and parents should enter the front door (doors by the Flag poles) and sign in at the office to obtain a visitor pass. Initially, you must show a form of identification (i.e. drivers license) to be entered into the computer system.



Parents and other community members are encouraged to volunteer and assist in classroom, library, copy room, or to serve as tutors. A current volunteer application must be approved and on file before a volunteer may assist in any capacity. The Volunteer Chairman will have an orientation at the beginning of each year for new volunteers. Please contact the school for more information. In order to volunteer, a cleared criminal background will need to be on file. The school will conduct a background check free of charge for parents wishing to volunteer.



Parents should notify the school at least one day prior to the student withdrawing from school. This allows the school time to have the records ready. (Grades averaged, library and textbooks checked in, and cafeteria checkout.) Completed withdrawal papers will be sent home with the student on his/her last day.


Please call the Transportation Office regarding bus times or concerns: 617-5615