Dress Code

Dress Code

In an effort to keep students focused on education, we are strongly encouraging

parents to follow our chosen dress code. While not mandatory, the dress code

requested will be as follows:

  • Navy blue, white or yellow polo shirt or t-shirt
  • Khaki pants or appropriate length shorts
  • Blue Jeans or appropriate length shorts
  • Girls may wear appropriate length skirts with shorts underneath.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn in the gym by all students.



Monday-Spirit Day- PTA will be selling Guess spirit t-shirts for ten dollars.

Navy blue shirt may be worn as well.


Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Navy blue shirt


Friday-Free Dress Friday


Incentives will be given to homerooms supporting attire and school spirit.


Students must wear clothing that fits appropriately. Clothing must fit at the waist

and in the seat of shorts or pants. Baggy and/or oversized shirts and/or pants will

not be allowed. Clothing may not be worn which displays obscene and/or distasteful

slogans. For the safety of all students, we ask that students not wear oversized or

distracting jewelry. Hats, caps and/or sunglasses are not permitted without prior

permission of the campus administration. Extreme hairstyles will not be permitted,

i.e. Mohawks (short or long), hair coloring, etc. While no set of guidelines can take

into account every possibility, the cooperation of parents and students is expected.

Campus administrators may adopt additional guidelines, as deemed necessary and

appropriate to maintain the instructional day.