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Mrs. Frediretta Jones' Computer Lab PK-5th
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Welcome to Hemingway Elementary Computer Lab for Grades 4k-5th




Dear Parents,


My name is Mrs. Frediretta Jones and I am the Computer Lab Teacher for Hemingway Elementary School grades (4k-5th ). I am looking forward to working with your child as a student and you as a supportive parent this school year.


 On the first day of school we went over the Computer Lab rules and Online Safety Rules for using the Internet. We also discussed the proper procedures for logging on and off the computers in the Lab.


 The Hemingway Elementary School Computer Lab is equipped with state of the art computers that will enhance and support your child’s computer education program. The goal of our computer programs is to provide students with instruction in the use of educational technology as well as support the classroom curriculum. Our programs, such as MAP, Classworks and Study Island are used to echance our students learning . We also focus on the ethical and appropriate use of technology in school, at home, and interaction with other.



I look forward to meeting with you at our PTA Meetings.


Please leave a message with the school secretary, if you wish to schedule an appointment. The school telephone number is (843) 558-4444. My email address is



Thank you,


Mrs. Frediretta Jones – Computer Lab Teacher, Room# C-1