Mrs Carrie White Parenting Academy

Mrs. Carrie White- Parenting Academy
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Welcome to the Hemingway Elementary School Parenting Department.



Our Goal is to enable stakeholders access to constructive opportunities to gain proven academic stragtegies; strategies which may be used to successfully navigate the academy culture of education. 


Together we, parents, students, teachers, administrators and the community, will strive to frame platforms of reseached based academic perimeters to encourage productive learning.  We will strive to create and execute varied resources with helpful communications to form collaborating initiatives to support the positive empowerment of our families. 



We invite the community to share our vision of Many Minds, Many Hands, and  One Goal:  Committed to Excellence.

I am Carrie L. White, The Parent Academy Coordinator at Hemingway Elementary School.  You may contact me at (843) 558-4444. 



I look forward to your active involvement in the education of children.




Vision Statement


Hemingway Elementary School will provide and uphold a climate of high expectations through collaboration and a shared vision of academic excellence.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Hemingway Elementary School is to prepare today's children for tomorrow's challenges by providing a " High Quality " eduation.


Beliefs:  We believe that:


Knowledge is power.

Learning occurs in a caring environment.

All people are worthy of respect.

The family is the most important influence in the life of an individual.