Music Program of Studies

Music Program of Studies



Music Program of Studies is organized into four strands:


  • PERFORM: developing musicianship through singing, playing instruments, and moving to music

  • CREATE: using the notational tools of music to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings; includes individual approaches to improvisation

  • INVESTIGATE: utilizing the study of music theory for music reading; analyzing the manner through which music is organized; making informed judgments about music and arts

  • CONNECT:  awareness of the commonality between music and other disciplines


    Music study is essential to the education process because it develops:


  • Intellectual skills required to comprehend the language of music

  • Interpersonal skills through participation in general music, vocal, and instrumental ensembles

  • A broader understanding of history

  • An understanding of the role of music in other cultures

  • Performance skills commensurate with individual ability and interest

    HMBLM and HHS provide general music education for all students in grade sixth through grade twelve. In grade seven through twelve a wide variety of music course offerings is available to meet students' interests and ability levels.