Academic Challenge Team

Academic Challenge Team


Academic Challenge Team is when students representing schools use their brains to battle by answering questions covering such topics as math, science, history and current event. We will have practice ever Tuesday starting December 6th through February 22nd


Hemingway’s Academic Challenge Team Weekly Responses


Cassandra Breland, Advisor


Each member on the Academic Challenge Team is required to report weekly discussions of the following topics listed below:


v    1-Curent Event Article (CNN, SCNOW, Newspaper)

v    1-Science Article ( or

v    1-Any Historical Event (Dating back at least 30-years)

v    1-Summary of a Book of your Choice (, Library)

(Any Book Before 1985)

v    1-Poem of your Choice (Before 1985)


Oral Report Format:


Part A

v    Title of the selection /or event, Author’s Name


Part B

v    Summary of your selection /or event include important people, dates, events…etc.

Part C

v    Personal Reflection of what you thought of your selection or book..