Homer Drive Elementary opened as a fourth and fifth grade campus in October of 1990 with Dr. Norman Traylor as principal and Mr. Stokes as assistant principal.  The campus was uniquely designed as a brown and white structure with a bright turquoise roof divided into three separate structures.  One housed the fourth graders, another housed fifth grade and the third had the cafetorium.  Homer Drive was the first school in the district with built in wiring for computers.  In 1997, Ava Colbert became the new principal and Anita Watson was the assistant principal.  In 2011, as part of the bond election, a new Pre-K wing was added.  As of the 2014-2015 school year, Homer Drive has an enrollment of over 700 students in grades Pre K through 5th grade.  In addiditon to the core curriculum, these students are exposed to many extracurricular activities such as 4-H club, basketball, drill team, cheerleading and tract.  Students are excelling daily with the help of a new cucciculum, technology labs, a science lab, library classes and wonderful dedicated teachers who strive to help students achieve a high level of success.





The mission of Homer Drive Elementary is to assure that the students are provided the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills, values, and knowledge to participate effectively as students in our educational system and community.



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