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Welcome to Horizon Middle School--  Home of the Hawks!

This will be my 8th year as principal for Horizon. Over that time we have continued to build on a strong tradition of academic achievement, positive school climate, and pride in every aspect of what we do.


The first message you will hear from the staff at Horizon is that we all believe Middle School Matters. We value what we do for students/young people during these important transition years.


An important myth that we talk with parents about middle school is the belief that middle school changes their child. We help to show you that your child is actually changing during these years. We aren’t changing them, we are teaching them skills to continue to grow through these years. This is an important understanding for parents, staff, and students. It is important because it gives us the foundation for understanding their unique behaviors, actions, and ideas. When we embrace the qualities of middle school children, it allows us to be more thoughtful when they make mistakes or show us a side of their personality we may not have seen before. 


In our programs at Horizon, students will be challenged to think on their own. They will be asked to think about other’s ideas and be able to have respectful conversations even in times of disagreement. The life skills taught in our classrooms are significant intangibles that aren’t always reflected in the curriculum and state standards. 


We value communication with parents and strive to make it happen on a regular basis. We understand you won’t always get an accurate representation of what is happening in the classroom from your child. That is why we encourage and give permission to middle school parents to continue to reach out to our teachers when something doesn’t seem quite right. We utilize email and telephone communication daily.  


All of our students will be taking core classes in math, science, language arts, and social studies for the year.  All students also have a semester of activity-based fitness/pe class. They will have a quarter health class and a quarter technology literacy course. Their final class in a 6 period day will be music OR an exploratory option.  Music options include choir, orchestra, and band. Exploratory options vary by grade level and are available at the time of registration in the spring.


We still remain open to CHOICE students each year and welcome new students at each grade level. Our population is just under 500 serving grades 6-8. 


Let’s make this another great year!

--Mr. Hardt

                   MIDDLE SCHOOL MATTERS