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Home Access Center (HAC)







Home Access Center (HAC) provides 24/7 access to student information. Parents/guardians and secondary students are able to create accounts and logon to access student information, which includes:

  • Attendance – excused, unexcused for current school year
  • Test scores – history of standardized test results (HSPE, MSP, etc.)
  • Class schedule - online gradebook for students in grades 6-12
  • Academic progress – report cards for students in grades 6-12
  • Discipline
  • Fines and fees


How to Create a New Account

  1. You must have a current, valid e-mail address and mailing address on file with your child's school. If you do not have an e-mail on file, please contact your child’s school (if you have more than one child, you only need to contact one school).
    If you do not have an e-mail account, there are many services (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) that provide free e-mail account services. By having an e-mail account on file, teachers will also be able to communicate with you.
  2. Go to Click Here to Register for HAC
  3. Enter the parent/guardian’s First Name, Last Name, and City of Residency. As you create your account, make sure that the city name does not contain punctuation. Enter your Zip code. Select the Register button. Follow instructions to complete process.


A single login will provide access to all students for which you are the parent/guardian. Each parent/guardian can create a separate log-in to access the child’s information, if desired.


Need Help?
The staff at your child’s school will be happy to assist you in setting up your account, or resolving any problems you may be having accessing your account.





How do I change my password?

Login to Home Access Center (HAC) and change your password in the left hand column of the screen by clicking on “My Profile”.


I lost or forgot my password. How can I get that information?

Click the "Forgot My Username or Password" on the HAC login page. This will generate an email with a link to reset your password.


Who do I contact about incorrect information? 

  • For Address or Attendance: contact your school office
  • For Telephone Number or Email: you may make these changes directly into the system
  • For Classwork: assignments, scores, or grades: contact the class teacher
  • For Schedules: contact your child’s counselor


Why can’t I see the additional information when I click on the links? For example, when I click the notes link nothing happens.

Make sure that pop-ups are allowed within Home Access Center.


How do I read the CLASSWORK information page?

  • Date Due — The date that the assignment was due.
  • Date Assigned — The date that the assignment was assigned. This is not a required field in the program, therefore, it may not contain information.
  • Assignment — The name of the assignment given by the teacher.
  • Category — Teachers use certain categories for assignments within their gradebook. Some teachers (particularly high school teachers) will weigh these categories. An example would be: Final exam is worth 15%, Tests and Quizzes are worth 25%, Homework is worth 50% and class participation is 10% of the total grade.
  • Score — The number of points that the student received on the assignment.
  • Weight — This number will usually be the number 1.00, regardless of whether the teacher weighted the category
  • Weighted Score — The score multiplied by the weight. In most instances this will be the same number as the score.
  • Total Points — The total number of points possible on the assignment.
  • Weighted Total Points — The total points multiplied by the weight. In most instances this will be the same number as the total points.
  • Percentage — The grade the student received on this assignment. Check with your child’s teacher regarding the grading scale.


I keep seeing ungraded assignments when looking at my child’s classwork page. Do these affect the overall score/grade?

No, as long as the "date due" for that assignment is in the future. Teachers can enter assignments in advance so parents and students know what is coming. On the Classwork tab you can see the date the assignment was assigned or is going to be assigned, and the date it is due. Scores/grades are not calculated into the student’s average until the due date arrives.


When should I expect to see scores entered for assignments that have been completed?

This depends on the type of assignment. Large projects, essays and assignments that have various components may take longer to assess and enter a score into the system. Communication between the teacher and your child should be able to tell you when a score will be entered.


What does a bubble mean?

The teacher has written a comment about the assignment and your child. Using your mouse you can hover over the bubble and another box will appear so that you can read the comment.

What does blue underlined type mean?

It is a hyperlink to additional information. For example, select a homework assignment title and you will receive additional information about the assignment.