School Involvement

School Involvement

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Contact: Rachel VanDeMark


Hello, and welcome to John Muir’s PTA! We are passionate members of our school and community seeking to help our school enrich the lives of our students.


Please take a few moments to browse around our site, get to know us a little bit and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

You can email us at, or call the school at 206.252.7369 and leave a message for us.  Thank you for your interest in the John Muir PTA.

Powerful Schools

Innovative Inclusive Non-Profit Organization

Powerful Schools unites students, teachers, parents, volunteers, and neighborhood resources into a powerful community dedicated to helping all children succeed in school.


  • Powerful Artists
  • Powerful Writers
  • Powerful Readers
  • Powerful Learning Centers



Donors Choose

An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need.

1. You give
 to a classroom project.
2. We deliver the materials to the class.
3. Kids learn and show it in photos and thank-you notes

This is a great way to support teachers at John Muir Elementary
Click on the link below to view some of the projects