Schoolwide Goals

School-wide Goals

Goal #1: Read to Succeed

We will increase percentage of students reading on grade level (K-5) to 80% or higher by the end of the 2017-2018 school year as measured by grade level Universal Screeners.


Goal #2: Positive School Climate

We will build relationships in a positive school climate with focus on safety, respect, and learning in a culture of mutual respect utilizing the principles of PLC, PBIS, and the 5Cs as measured by staff, student, and parent surveys indicating 90% or greater satisfaction with the learning, physical, and social school environment. 


Goal #3: STEAM Integrated Instruction

We will increase our knowledge base and build capacity to design, deliver, and evaluate innovative ways to teach SC Ready Standards through integrated, real-world experiences in a highly engaged learning environment as measured by successful interdisciplinary integration of the arts and sciences through writing across the curriculum using performance based rubrics. 


Goal #4: Differentiated Instruction

We will promote rigorous and relevant instruction for all students as measured by quarterly and annual growth on classroom and district measures of student performance.