Current Class Topics

Current Class Topics

Our students have been working hard this year and I appreciate your support as we continue to strive to help each student to reach his/her full potential in all areas. In addition to individualized instruction focusing on each student's specific IEP goals and objectives, our current topics of study for the fourth nine weeks are the following:


English/Language Arts:


The students are currently reading a brief book titled "Baseball" to help them strengthen sight word vocabulary and reading fluency.


Also during the fourth nine weeks, students will work on vocabulary related to job applications and interviews. Students will also practice reading and following simple recipes.





Duriing the fourth nine weeks, students will continue to strengthen skills in the areas of telling time and counting money. They will also work on measuring and fractions.






In science, students will study about plant and animal safety. They will also study about basic plant and animal classifications.





Social Studies


For our fourth nine week social studies unit, students will study about various jobs and careers. They will also learn about taxes and why we pay them while participating in our weekly class store. Each Friday the students use play money they have earned and saved to purchase various items.






****Please feel free to call me anytime you have questions, concerns, or suggestions as we continually work to make our class a productive, motivating, and enjoyable learning environment for all of our students. You may reach me at the school phone number at (843) 355-1506 or on my cell phone at (803) 825-7029.


Thank you and have a great day!


Zoe Lewis, Teacher