Ms Kim Hamiltonx27s Keyboardingx2fComputer Apps and Integrated Business Apps

Ms. Kim Hamilton's Keyboarding/Computer Apps and Integrated Business Apps
Picture representing Ms. Kim Hamilton's Keyboarding/Computer Apps and Integrated Business Apps

Greetings Parent(s) or Guardian(s),


My name is Mrs. Kim S. Hamilton and I will be your student’s Keyboarding/Computer Applications and Intergrated Business Applications I teacher for the school year. I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach and to get acquainted with your child. Please take the time to read the attached syllabus to make sure you and your adolescent understands what is expected from him or her throughout this course. The first homework assignment is for each student to complete and have you sign the student information sheet. I also wanted you to be aware that grades are posted in the parent portal so you will always know his or her grade.


For any student to be successful in school there needs to be collaboration between you, the student and the teacher. I hope throughout the semester we will be able to maintain a positive line of communication that will help your child succeed in my class. Parents, guardians, and grandparents are welcome to visit and observe the class anytime. My door is always opened for you to be our guest.


If at any time you have a question, please feel free to contact me. The best time to reach me by phone is during my planning period at 10:46 am-12:27 pm. Parent/teacher meetings are scheduled through Ms. Barbara Jones, parenting coordinator, during my planning period. The number to call is 843.355.1506. You may also reach me by email at


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.