Kingstree Senior High Faculty amp Staff

Kingstree Senior High Faculty & Staff

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Dr. Deonia Simmons, Principal

Coach Earl Brown- Physical Education/Health

Mr. Samuel Boddu-Special Education
Mr. Christopher Carden, Assistant Principal (West Campus) Coach Shirley Madison-Physical Education/Health Ms. Kimily Brown-Special Education
Mr. Larry Odom, Assistant Principal (East Campus) Ms. Keisha Morgan-Spanish Mr. Anthony Cameron-Special Education
Mrs. Karen Boyd, Bookkeeper/Office Manager Mr. Fred Fulton-Music/Band Mr. Clement Parathugari-Special Education
Mrs. Louise Montgomery, Attendance Ms. Latanya Epps-Cosmetology
Ms. LaToya Thompson-Special Education
Mrs. Gertrude Houston, West Campus Secretary SFC Leroy Jamison-JROTC Ms. Angelina Watson-Special Education
Ms. Mary Murphy, East Campus Secretary Ms. Krystal Segars-Family and Consumer Science
Ms. Carrie Wilson-Special Education
Ms. Tammy Cooper, Guidance
Mr. Daniel Altman -Autmotive Ms. Lysandra Lawerence -Math 
Mrs. Marguerite Joe, Guidance
Mr. Daniel Howard-Horticulture Mr. Vipin Sheela-Math
Ms. Shauntee Pressley, Career Specialist 
Mr. Mike Cumbie Ms. Shaunte'a Murphy-English 1
Mrs. Sally Harris, Title One Curriculum Specialist  Mr. Henry Scott-Building Construction Ms. Melissa Nichols-English 3
Ms. Ava BradleyCareer Interventionist/ISS Proctor Ms. Johanna Dennis, APEX Lab Mr. Franklin Cleveland-Social Studies
Ms. Michelle Patrick, Parenting Ms. Angelia Jackson, CATE Ms. Caitlin Crosby-Social Studies
Mrs. Lula Gordon-Davis, Media Specialist  Ms. Quintina McKnight-CATE Ms. Krista Mallon-Social Studies

Ms. Hattie Pendergrass, Assistant Media Specialist

(East Campus)

Ms. Evelyn Sumpter -CATE
Ms. Lorraine Wilson-Social Studies
Towanda Tisdale, GEAR UP Ms. Sarah Wilson-CATE Ms. Sadie Cooper-Science

Jamie Webb, Nurse

Ms. Lynne Green-HealthScience Mr. Abraham Fleming-Science
Ms. Denise Miles, CCEL Coach Ms. Tamu Clayton-Art Mr. Kirk Heath-Science
Custodial Staff Ms. Sandria Williamson-English 2 Ms. Loraine Redwood-Science
Food Service Staff Ms. Sherry Swan-Special Education  
Security Staff Major Anthony Nelson-JROTC  


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