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Hello Parents, I am Michelle T. Patrick, Parenting Liaison for Kingstree Senior High School.  I would like to welcome you and your students to a wonderful new school year.  Our children are our future, so my job/goal is to connect family and school so that we can produce the best students we can, and prepare them for life.  I am available daily to handle or forward any of your concerns, and provide you with resource information to help your needs.  What I do not know, I will be happy to find out.

Parenting is taking a turn.  We are now the Parent Academy.  We are gearing towards a classroom setting were we will be able to provide certificates of completion for certain classes. I will be having classes to touch on various topics that I believe will be beneficial to everyone.  Your support in the parenting program is greatly appreciated and needed.  Any topics of interest you would like to be presented, please let me know and I will see what I can do to make it happen.

Let us come together with a united front and educate our children for a bright, rewarding future.                                                                         

My contact information is as follows:

615 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue Kingstree, SC 29556 843-355-6525 x 2439 843-355-3785 fax
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