WCSD Dress Code

WCSD Dress Code

Williamsburg County School District


Dress Code




Student attire should not interfere with the instructional program at the school nor be disruptive. Clothing must be decent, clean and properly worn at all times. Students are discouraged from wearing clothing they feel is marginal or questionable. If any attire is improper, the student will be required to go home and change or may have clothes brought to him/her by a parent or legal guardian only. This rule applies to bus students as well. Each school's administration will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of any student's attire and reserves the right to prohibit students from wearing any article of clothing or accessory which may possibly result in interference with or disruption of the school environment.

Students are expected to wear clothing appropriate to the season and the weather which does not distract others, which is not immodest or revealing and which complies with requirements for health and safety.


The following dress code will be enforced:

  1. Shirts must be tucked in to the extend that belts or waistbands are clearly visible at all times
  2. Any apparel that has the appearance or similarity of shorts, skirts, pants, etc., must be no more than three (3) inches above the knee, both front and back. (Physical education attire for athletics is excluded at appropriate places and times.) Skirt and dress hemlines are to be an appropriate length to avoid undue attention. No tight clothing allowed. Any exception to the above will be at the discretion of the school administration.
  3. Belts must be buckled, sashes tied, and buttons buttoned, except at neck.
  4. All students must wear shoes. Shoes must be tied, buckled or worn as the manufacturer intended. Shoes that cause undue attention or are a health and safety hazard are prohibited.
  5. Proper footwear must be worn at all times. Shower shoes, bedroom shoes and cleated shoes are prohibited. High heel shoes, slides, shoes without back straps and flip-flops are strongly discouraged as these shoes create a hazard when it is necessary to rapidly evacuate a building.
  6. Students may not wear clothing with profanity, racial slurs, sexually suggestive language or symbols.
  7. Students may not wear clothing that advertises or promotes firearms, alcohol, drugs, tobacco products or sexual products, such as condoms.
  8. Clothing for all sexes must be worn at the natural waistline of the student. If the garment is designed to be worn with a belt, a belt must be worn and kept buckled.
  9. Clothing for all sexes must be sized appropriately for the person so that garments do not hang or sag from the body.
  10. Students may not wear clothing that is baggy and oversized in such a way that the garment could conceal contraband items.
  11. Students may not wear tank tops or spaghetti strap tops, tops which reveal the abdomen or lower back, see-through garments, or garments which are loose enough to reveal the upper torso in all or part. These garments should not cover up the pockets of the lower garments either in the front or back.
  12. Bare midriffs, see-through garments, bare backs, halter tops, low-cut blouses and cut-offs are prohibited.
  13. All pants must be worn at the appropriate waist level, no low-cut or sagging pants for males or females. Both pant legs must be fully extended. No jeans or pants with holes in them are to be worn.
  14. All jumper and overall straps must be across the shoulders and fastened.
  15. Clothing must be worn with appropriate undergarments. Undershirts customarily worn as undergarments may not be worn without shirts or blouses.
  16. Student's hair, including facial hair, must be neat, clean and well groomed. Hair must not obstruct vision. Hair styles that cause undue attention or that are a health and safety hazard are not permissible.
  17. Hair picks and combs may not be worn, except for barrette-style combs. Hair curlers are prohibited.
  18. Hats, caps, head scarves, head rags, hoods or bandannas may not be worn on the school bus or in school buildings by either male or female students.
  19. Sunglasses, with the exception of ones prescribed for correction of medical conditions, are prohibited inside school buildings.
  20. Accessories that can be used to harm one's own self or others are prohibited. (Examples are fish hooks, multiple finger rings, studded bracelets or collars, but not limited to these items.)
  21. Students may not wear clothing, colors or accessories associated with a gang, that are intended to identify gang membership or territory; or that are intended to intimidate others. A gang is an organization, formal or informal, which uses violence and intimidation against others for illegal purposes.