At KES, every day is instructional, and students are learning from 7:15-2:15. Your child's daily attendance is vital to his/ her educational success. He/ she may not miss more than 10 school days in school year (i.e. 180 days).


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Attendance Secretary: Ms. Contreraz,
Lawful Absences


Understanding that circumstances sometime prevent attendance, the Dorchester School District Two Board considers the following absentee situations as lawful absences:


  • Absences caused by illness.
  • Absences because of a medical/dental appointment (Every effort should be made to schedule doctor or dentist appointments before or after school or to stagger appointments for students, if possible.A medical statement from a physician will be required upon return to school. Students who exceed 10 days because of routine dental, doctor, or clinic visits will have days in excess of 10 charged as unlawful absences.)


  • Absences because of serious illness or death in a student’s immediate family.
  • Absences because of a recognized religious holiday.
  • Absences because of special circumstances that are approved by the school’s Principal, Superintendent, and Board of Trustees.
  • Absences because of a school-sponsored event provided the student has acquired fewer than ten absences.


Please plan trips during holidays and long weekends due to the fact that these absences are not excused for students.




Within three days after returning to school, students must submit a written excuse to the front office explaining the absence, signed by parent(s) or guardian, and accompanied, if applicable, by a doctor’s statement. If students do not do so, the absence will be considered unlawful. The excuse should contain the following information:


  • Date excuse was written.
  • Reason for the absence.
  • Date of the absence.
  • Child's homeroom section and homeroom teacher.
  • Telephone number where parent or guardian can be reached.
  • Signature of parent, guardian, and/or doctor.