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At our school, we understand the importance of integrating technology into and across the curriculum. Staff development opportunities are provided to teachers throughout the school year so that their digital toolboxes are well-equipped to enhance the learning process. Students have the opportunity to receive instruction (face-to-face and virtually) from the Instructional Technology Specialist upon teacher request.  Technology can be seen in the classroom in the hands of children on a regular basis. We also have five computer labs where students are actively engaged in rigorous, relevant learning experiences every day. 


We consider the ISTE standards when planning instruction to ensure that students have the knowledge that they need to learn effectively and grow productively in an increasingly global and digital world.  Click here for a copy of the ISTE standards for students.


We strongly encourage families to visit the Common Sense Media website to access a plethora of resources to help keep children safe online and prepare them in becoming responsible digital citizens. 

Technology Staff
Instructional Technology Specialist: Rebecca Wood

Technician: Sean Schattner

The SMART Board is an interactive, electronic whiteboard which can enhance instruction and student learning.  The SMART Notebook software makes it possible for teachers to create content rich, creative lessons which address specific curriculum standards.  Every classroom at KES is equipped with an interactive SMART Board.

SMART Response interactive response system allows you to obtain quick insight into learning, track student performance and organize assessment results in the built-in grade book.

Document Cameras Many classrooms are equipped with document cameras to allow teachers to display 3D materials via the SMART Board.

Digital Cameras are available for checkout through the Media Center. Teachers and students utilize the cameras to enhance lessons and capture memories.

iPads are available for checkout through the Media Center, as well. Teachers and students use iPads to enhance differentiated instruction and reinforce skills. 

Wireless Headphones are used when teachers are running differentiated groups in their classroom.  Students use wireless headphones to listen to activities on the SMART Board. 

Computer Lab: 2nd Grade: 4 days Compass Math Pathblazer (80 minutes/ week) and iRead for ELA (80 minutes/ week); 1 flex day


Computer Lab: Grades 3-5: 4 days of Compass  Pathblazer and 1 flex day for keyboarding practice, technology skill application, collaboration, and product creation.

Compass Pathblazer:

  • Research-based curriculum
  • Award-winning, standards-aligned content
  • Individualized learning and differentiated instruction
  • Dynamic management and assessment tools

Engaging Activities The learning activities are enhanced with grade-appropriate content, animations, and audio and video instruction. While working through the activities, students can use offline resources as well to extend, enhance, and transfer knowledge. CompassLearning helps students, educators, and parents in the ongoing pursuit of higher achievement.

Comprehensive Data Management and Reporting Customizable, easy-to-read reports provide the information educators need for data-driven decision making. As students move through the curriculum, CompassLearning Odyssey allows educators to easily monitor individual, group, and class progress through comprehensive quizzes and tests.



Kindergarten: 4 computers per classroom, students receive 15 min. of math and 15 min. of reading instruction daily.

1st Grade: 6 computers per classroom, students receive 20 min. of math and 20 min. of reading instruction daily. Waterford builds early foundations in reading, math, and science for learners from Pre K–2. The engaging digital curriculum supports the core program with explicit, individualized instruction that is aligned to current state and national standards. 

READ 180

READ 180 is a scientifically based, intensive reading intervention program for students in upper elementary through high school that has been proven to significantly raise the reading scores of older, struggling readers (4th and 5th grades). READ 180 delivers its reading achievement gains through four core instructional activities:

1. Individualized instructional software.

2. Data-driven small-group instruction.

3. Direct instruction in whole or small groups.

4. Independent reading.

Additional Resources

Study Island

Discovery Education

Think Central
Photo Story 3
Microsoft Office
Windows Movie Maker
ETV Streamline
Reading A to Z
RAZ Kids
Various iPad Apps


Here are a few of our favorite apps: