Health Services Overview

Health Services Overview



BreeAnn Lewis, School Nursing Services Coordinator

 559-924-6600, ext. 224 


Ashley Fertado, Health Care Assistant

559-924-6600, ext. 354


The district Nursing Services Coordinator and/or the Helth Care Assistant are available for student needs. Students may see the nurse or the health care assistant before school, brunch, or lunch, or with a passport signed by their teacher.


Hearing and blood pressure screening is provided for all sophomores and any other student in response to a student, parent, or teacher request.


Students may request a conference with the nurse for discussion or evaluation of health or personal problems. Students may see the nurse personally or make an appointment in the main office.


Any student who becomes ill while at school must report to the nurse before signing out to go home. If the nurse is not available, students are to check with one of the administrators.


Accidents occurring at school are to be reported in person or writing to the nurse within 24 hours. First aid is given and notification of parents is done at the time of the emergency. (BP 5141.1)


Immunizations must be completed prior to enrollment. Offices where shots are given, phone numbers, hours and costs may be obtained from the nurse.


Students unable to participate in Physical Education class for medical reasons must have a note from a doctor and give it to the school nurse to obtain an excuse form to be presented to the teacher. If the nurse is unavailable, the student should see an administrator before going to Physical Education. An appropriate alternative assignment will be developed between the nurse and P.E. teacher for the student.