Gritx3a Teaching PerseveranceTenacity and how to Overcome

Grit: Teaching Perseverance,Tenacity and how to Overcome.

     Do you ever come upon problems or roadblocks in life that you have to critically assess and solve? Let's face it, adversity is part of life that cannot be avoided, but how we face adversity is a skill that can be learned. Live Oak High School understands this, and we are committed to providing students with the opportunity show their, perseverance, tenacity and overall dedication to overcoming frustration and adversity. During this process, students will learn that overcoming obstacles, failures and frustrations are an essential part of life, and they will ultimately develop a trait that is vital for success as adults. That trait is called "Grit".

     As parents and guardians, you can assist us in instilling "Grit" in your children. Here are a few ideas to help your child develop grit.


1. While it is tough to let you kids fail, failure is key in building grit and grit is often the key to success - you have to fall down to get back up.


2. Praise your child's effort over outcome and coax your kids to push through pain and failure, which will help develop self-respect.


3. Help you child build a team of positive people to help them reach their long term goals.


4. Teach them to mentally "change the channel" when things get hard and they want to quit. Help them to focus on a phrase, personal mantra or an image that spurs them on to overcome.


5. Don't "come to their rescue" and overcome the problem for them. By doing this, you are negating a wonderful opportunity to develop grit.


These are just a few ideas. Together, we can instill and nurture grit in our kids.


Tony Walton

Principal, Live Oak High School