Registration Procedures

Registration Procedures

The legal Parent or Guardian of the minor child must visit the school site of the district in which they reside. The office staff will verify that the family is at the correct school for registration. A registration folder will be provided by the staff for completion by the parent/guardian. When the registration folder is completed, it must be returned to the school's office.

Three documents which must be presented with the completed registration folder:



1. The child's original birth certificate.


2. The child's up to date immunization record which is subject to

inspection by the Registered Nurse of the school.


3. The family's proof of residence within the school's

boundaries. Some Examples: Rental Agreement, Property

Tax Bill, Home Owners Insurance Policy, Utility Bills. Proof

must be in the parent's/guardian's name and marked with

a recent posted date.


Additional paperwork which may be required for registration:


* Regarding court documented guardianship of a child, original

documents must be presented with the completed registration



* Notarized proof of residency within the school's boundaries.


* Contact information for the child's previous educational facility.

Los Lunas Elementary strives to excel in the education of our community's children. If there are further questions, please contact the office between the hours of 8:00am-4:00pm.


Office phone: (505)865-9313


Office fax: (505)866-2151