Public Act 16189 Act Concerning Student Data Privacy

Public Act 16-189 Act Concerning Student Data Privacy

Below, please find a list of contracts of software and app developers that our school is using as part of our instructional day.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Dan White or Kim Kelley at 860-295-6220. 


State of Connecticut's 2017 Summer Reading Program, entitled Build a Better World, is running from June 28th - August 19th.  The Connecticut State Library has contracted with Evanced (Wandoo Reader) to provide an on-line summer reading experience for Connecticut readers.  When registering, the site will be collecting:


  • age
  • birth month and date
  • first and last name
  • username and password
  • grade and school



Below, please find links to the Wandoo Reader's Privacy Policy, as well as information on the summer reading on-line program listed on the Connecticut State Library site.  


Wandoo Reader Privacy Policy:



Information from the State of Connecticut Library:





Grade 6 Science - Mosa Mack: please see the two links below for information on a new science program we will be piloting in our 6th grade science classes.




6th Grade Families: RHAM Middle School has asked us to implement an on-line math placement test for the 2017 - 18 school year.  Information on Assistments, a web-based program developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon, can be obtained from:


The site they are using will be collecting the following information about your child: name and birthdate.  For information on the privacy policy for the site, please visit:








Title of section: iCivics


Audience: 6th graders


Description: Justice O'Connor has created a web-adventure that allows students to explore our judicial system while learning about the importance of creating a well-supported argument.  Our 6th graders will be using a generic login to interact with this web-site so no identifiable information is being collected.