Parking Lot Expectations

Parking Lot Expectations

Due to the number of reports and incidents of inappropriate behavior in our student parking lot, we would like to remind all our learners and parents of the expectations for the parking lot, stated in our MA Student Handbook (pg 16, Student Code of Conduct)





Learners driving vehicles on school campus is a privilege not a right. Learners who drive vehicles to school must:

1. Park the car in the student parking lot upon arrival and do
    not move it without permission from the office until the
    end of the day. Go directly to school - do not remain in

2. Drive with care when entering and leaving the school
    area itself. Speed should not exceed 15 m.p.h. Any
    student reported for inappropriate driving may have their
    driving privilege on campus suspended. Length of
    suspension is to be determined by the administration.

3. Vocational students must use school transportation to
    and from vocational school. Exceptions may be granted
    with permission from the parent/guardian, vocational
    school director, and the high school principal. Permission
    slips are available at the vocational school.