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How Does Higher Ed View Proficiency-Based Learning?

A recent report published by the New England Board of Higher Education focusses on how proficiency-based diplomas are impacting the admissions process in schools throughout New England. It is a great resource for anyone wanting answers to the question, "What do the colleges think about PBL?", and a clear rebuttal to a common concern that "proficiency-based learning does not prepare students for college or the real world".


Please take a moment to read the thoughts published by over 70 colleges and universities as they respond to concerns about proficiency-based transcripts. Collectively, admissions leaders "overwhelmingly agree that students applying from proficiency-based educational systems will experience no disadvantage in the evaluation and admissions process". In addition, admissions leaders were also "enthusiastic about the inclusion of habits of work and cross-curricular knowledge", or habits of mind.  


Mattanawcook Academy remains committed to pursuing the very best proficiency-based system we can offer our learners and community. This is new territory for many people, so it's understandable that people have questions and desire clarity. We will continue working to communicate to our learners, parents and community the benefits and opportunities that come with being an invested proficiency-based educational system. 


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