MA Transitioning to ProficiencyBased Education

MA Transitioning to Proficiency-Based Education
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Timeline for Implementation of Proficiency Based Grading and Reporting

at Mattanawcook Academy

2016-2017 School Year

  • Transition from 100 point scale to 4 point scale for all grading and reporting

  • Convert from present 100 point GPA to 4 point GPA for grades 10-12 using the following formula X/20-1=GPA, X being the 100 point GPA weighted by semester; Grade 9 will only have a 4 point GPA

  • Revise our school profile to reflect the changes in our grading/scoring system



Please note: To earn credit for all courses in 2016-17, learners must

  • Have no learning target score lower than 2.5

  • Must have cumulative 2.75 course score for credit


2017-2018 School Year, Graduating Class of 2021

  • Freshman honors will be based on standards scores not course scores

  • Eliminate “Rank in Class” for incoming freshmen and transition to Latin Honors.  Begins with the Graduating Class of 2021