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McAllen ISD is committed to providing the best possible services to keep you connected to your child’s educational experiences and achievements.  Parents should have usernames and passwords for the following programs:


Blackboard Engage (formerly known as Edline) is McAllen ISD’s new web hosting service.  You can use Blackboard Engage to: 

  • Receive emails with school or class information 
  • Read daily announcements and classroom news 
  • View team and club activities 
  • Email your child’s teachers 
  • View your Combined Calendar to see all the events from the school calendar and your child’s own classes and activities automatically collected and personalized


To begin using your Blackboard Engage account right now, just follow these easy steps:


  1. 1. Go to your school’s website ( i.e.,,,, etc.). 


  1. 2. Click the Sign In option from the menu bar. Click the Sign Up link, under New to Edline?


  1. 3. Fill in your ACTIVATION CODE.  You may receive one parent code for each child. If you receive several parent codes because you have several children, enter each parent code one after the other. Then you can view all your children’s information from the same login account. 


  1. 4. Click Activate This Code once you have entered the code(s).


  1. 5. Follow the remaining steps to create your Screen Name and Password. When asked if you already have an account, click New Account if this is your first time using Blackboard Engage. If you already have a Blackboard Engage account, click Combine Accounts to add this child to your existing account.   


  1. 6. On the last account activation page, print the Blackboard Student or Parent Guide so you can make the most of Blackboard. After this, you no longer need your Activation Code - you will always use your Screen Name and Password to access Blackboard Engage.  Don't share this information with anyone!


Whenever you login to Blackboard Engage, click on your child’s name in the My Edline menu. You will then see shortcuts to his or her classes, activities, calendar and reports. 


For assistance, contact your child’s teacher or call 956-972-5600.









To view the webpage in another language, select the globe icon at the top of the page and click the flag of the country.  

Para poder ver un página en otro idioma, seleccione el icono de globo en la parte superior de la página y eliga la bandera del país de interés.