Distance Learning

Distance Learning


   Distance Learning is the incorporation of video and audio technologies so that students and teachers can interact with an instructor or presenter at a remote      





FREE videoconferencing – open a window to the world for your students! Videoconferencing allows two or more people at different locations see and hear each other at the same time, allowing for collaboration between two or more groups.  Experience connections with guest speakers and expert and engage your students in multi-school project collaboration, professional activities, and community events.

Search For Videoconferences for your Students

Videoconference Resource URL
NASA DLN Digital Learning Network
Connect to Texas http://www.connect2texas.net/
Two Way Interactive Connections in Education http://www.twice.cc/
Center of Science and Industry http://www.cosi.org/
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration http://www.cilc.org/
MegaConference Jr. http://www.megaconferencejr.org/
Center for Puppetry Arts http://www.puppet.org/edu/dis_programs.shtml
Tramline - Virtual Field Trips http://www.tramline.com/trips.htm
Colonial Williamsburg (History) http://www.history.org/history/teaching/eft/
Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN) http://www.tetn.net/schedule.aspx Username: guest; Password: letmein

If you would like to schedule a FREE videoconferencing event for your students, please contact Gonzalo Sandoval at 972-5600 or gsandoval@mcallenisd.net.