TLC3 Participants Will Receive Five Apps

TLC3 Participants Will Receive Five Apps

TLC3 Participants Will Receive Five Apps for Learning

McAllen ISD is providing five (5) apps for families participating in the TLC3 program. These apps will assist TLC3 students with learning.  The apps are:

  • Pages - a word processor program
  • Numbers - a spreadsheet program
  • Keynote - a presentation program
  • iMovie - a moviemaking and editing program
  • GarageBand - an music creation and recording program

The district is distributing five (5) app redemption codes via email to each family registered for the TLC3 program.  When the codes are redeemed using a valid Apple ID, they become the permanent property of the family to be used on all Apple mobile devices in their household.  The apps can even be installed on Apple devices not provided by McAllen ISD.  If there is an iPhone or some other non-TLC3 device in the home, feel free to install the apps on them too!

IMPORTANT!  ONLY ONE SET OF REDEMPTION CODES ARE GIVEN TO EACH HOUSEHOLD.  The district is not providing app redemption codes for each individual student.  The district is providing only one (1) set of app redemption codes to the family for use by all family members with Apple mobile devices.

For more information about getting your codes, please click here.