Board approves new elementary math resources

Board approves new elementary math resources
Posted: April 11, 2017

On Monday, April 10, the Wauwatosa School Board approved new elementary math resources, recommended by the district’s Elementary Math Review Committee.  The new math resources and instruction will be implemented in the classrooms at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.


To prepare for a successful transition,  teachers will participate in staff development sessions over the summer. They will spend one full day with the publishing company (creators) of the resources to learn the ins and outs of the program. The second day will be spent with our math instructional coaches - certified teachers who are in leadership positions to provide support to teachers and aid in professional development -  to study current research related to best practices for the instruction of mathematics today. Additionally, the teachers’ professional development day will include in-depth study around Unit 1 - the first unit of lessons they will be teaching.


All elementary math teachers will participate in ongoing professional development, specifically related to the new math resources, over the course of the next few years. This is currently being planned by the instructional coaches. Prior to teaching a unit in class, all grade-level teachers will convene for professional development which will include:

  • Learning about the ‘math behind the math’ in the unit

  • Helping teachers anticipate common student misconceptions

  • Review of the assessments that are in the unit

  • Playing the games that are included in the unit

    • Learn the math embedded in the games

    • Learn how to question/facilitate playing the game

    • Learn how to debrief the game with students

Once plans for teacher professional development are finalized, instructional coaches will plan parent sessions for this fall. During the parent sessions, it is our goal to help parents feel informed, equipped, and confident about the new math resources.   Parents will be walked through what students will be learning and the important ways students will demonstrate what they are learning. These sessions will also equip parents for how they can help at home. Specific times, dates, and details of those sessions will be shared with parents when they are available, likely as the new school year begins.