Proof of Residency Requirements

Proof of Residency Requirements

2018 – 2019 Residency Information


Proof of Residence

Dorchester School District Two requires each parent/guardian to provide Proof of Residence each school year.  Acceptable proof would be one of the following: a current utility bill which includes a service address in the parent/guardian’s name, verification of application for utility service in the parent/guardian’s name, a current tax bill with parent/guardian’s name and address, or current mortgage/signed lease agreement with parent/guardian’s name will be accepted.  With mortgage/lease agreement a current utility bill which includes a service address in the parent/guardian’s name must be provided within 30 days.


Family Living with Another Family/Relative

Parent/guardian and the person who owns/rents the residence must complete the Affidavit of a Student’s Domicile and have it notarized. 

The Head of Household/Owner/Lessor must provide the school with a copy of the lease or a current Property Tax Bill/Receipt (Property Tax Bill/Receipt may be printed from the Dorchester County website) and a current utility bill with a matching service address.

Documentation that must be provided to the school by the Parent/Guardian (with matching address):

(One of the Following) – Driver’s License/South Carolina Identification Card or Vehicle Registration


(One of the Following) – Pay Stub (Must show employer’s name, current pay period and the name and address of the parent/guardian), Local, State or Federal agency correspondence that reflects the name and address of the parent/guardian, (Social Security, Medicaid, DSS, IRS, Food Stamps, Court Documents, etc.)


Family Moving Within District During School Year

If a family changes residency within Dorchester School District Two during the school year that would change the school to which the student(s) are zoned, the parent/guardian can provide acceptable Proof of Residence, as defined above, to the new school to enroll the child(ren).


If a family changes residency within Dorchester School District Two during the school year and the student has attended school through the 45th day, the student may finish the year at that school with district approval.  The parent/guardian is required to provide an In-District Transfer Request to the school along with a current Proof of Residence.  The school will then forward the information to the District Office for approval/denial.  It is important to note the parent/guardian is responsible for providing transportation to and from school.


In-District Transfer Requests

All students are expected to attend the school to which their residence is zoned.  If there is a special hardship or other special situation, in-district transfer requests will be considered.  All requests for in-district transfers will be handled by the District Office.


The In-District Transfer Request and the required Proof of Residence should be submitted to the school the children are zoned to attend.  Please note that availability of space is a critical factor in approving or denying requests.  A student’s transfer may be revoked by the superintendent’s designee for reasons including, but not limited to, repeated tardiness and/or other irregularities of attendance, and/or repeated consequential violations of the discipline code.  The student’s parent/guardian will be responsible for transportation to and from school.



If a court order is signed by a judge giving custody/guardianship, the court order must be presented to the school.  A copy of the order will be placed in the student(s) permanent record.


If a court order is not available, an appointment needs to be made with a school administrator.