Forms amp Info for CBIs

Forms & Info for CBIs

Look below for Approval Information, CBI Forms, and Monthly CBI Reporting Requirements



CBIs: Check to make sure you are on the Approved Community Based Instructors & Facilities List. - (CBI List is currently being updated)



Approval Status


If you were approved as a CBI in 2015-16 with OASIS, please follow link below for how to stay approved for 2016-17. 



2016-17 Approval for Returning CBIs



Are you interested in becoming a new CBI with OASIS? OASIS will accept applications for new CBIs & CBFs from August 15th until April 14th. Priority will be given to CBI applications in August and September. After that, the application process may take much longer.


Follow the link below for information on getting started.



New CBIs




CBI Forms


CBI/CBF Application Packet (2016-17) - (UPDATED 9/29/16) Includes all forms & information needed for approval or updating file



CBI Documentation of Understanding (2016-17) - Returning CBIs: please sign and return. New CBIs: this form is part of the Application Packet.



CBI Invoice - (Reminder: Private lessons will not be considered for funding. If you have any questions, please email


Invoice Due Dates (2016-17) - Please read for due dates & invoice information


CBI FAQs - Important Q/A information about fingerprints, insurance, and approval process




CBI Reporting Requirements


CBIs are required by state law to meet reporting requirements in order to invoice for instructional services. We have developed a simple electronic form called the CBI Monthly Form that meets these state requirements. It is a quick and easy way for OASIS teachers & Community Based Instructors to connect on a consistent basis about the work OASIS students are doing in the CBI classes. 


Once a CBI is approved, an OASIS teacher will contact the community based instructor via email to start the CBI monthly communication process for the school year. 






Print and mail forms to:


611 School Road
Eastsound, WA 98245


Have CBI questions or need to email documents?