Instructional Materials 201617

Instructional Materials 2016-17







Step 1: Return & Renew Library Materials


If you haven’t already, Return and/or Renew your library materials by June 10, 2016.




Step 2: Complete the Student Learning Plan Ideas Form


Submit a general description of what you plan to cover and the materials you hope to use in the 2016-17 Student Learning Plan Ideas Form. You will be able to suggest changes to the learning plan if needed as the year progresses. Refer to the Materials Lists below for reference. This step needs to be completed before we can order your materials in the Fall.



Step 3: Look through the Areas of Study


A fully enrolled student must take the four core subjects (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science) plus Fine Arts and Fitness/Health. Within those six subjects there is plenty of room for choice. Read the Areas of Study to help you figure out the topics you will cover.



Step 4: Peruse our New & Improved Materials Lists!


Each student's learning plan must include approved core materials in each academic area (ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science). According to state law & school district policy, all core materials must be board approved & meet common core state standards. Refer to these Orcas Island School District Board Approved lists to help you select & order materials.


  2016-17 Instructional Materials List (K - 8) - Look here to determine materials you would like to use for each subject. All of the materials on these lists are OISD board approved. Use subject tabs on bottom of sheet


2016-17 Instructional Materials List (9 - 12) - Look here to determine materials you would like to use for each subject. All of the materials on these lists are OISD board approved. Use subject tabs on bottom of sheet


K-8 Instructional Materials Summaries for English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, and Fitness/Health.  Look here for helpful descriptions of the materials in the six subject areas.



K-8 Back-to-School Packet - We are excited to send all K-8 students a starter packet filled with fun learning activities to use during the first few weeks of school. Workbooks included in this starter packet cover any ELA and Math common core requirements not met with your core materials. These packets will give you extra time in September to review the material options listed below and consult with your teacher to choose materials that best match your student's needs.



Step 5: Submit your Order starting August 22


Follow the steps for filling out the Materials Requisition form here.


Materials Requisition orders for 2016-17 can be submitted to your OASIS teacher starting August 22, 2016. We will be processing them in the order in which they are received after August 22 if your Student Learning Plan Ideas Form is submitted and your library materials are returned/renewed.



Important: Instructional Materials must address Washington State Learning Standards and be free of bias. A few pieces that families have used in the past can no longer be purchased by OASIS or used as course materials to meet required learning hours, or reporting progress in Learning Plans. Some of these titles include: Story of the World, Writing with Ease, Writing with Skill, Shurley Grammar, Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, and Math-u-See. Please check with your OASIS teacher if you are wondering about a specific instructional material. Of course, families may use any materials they choose for hours not counted towards the minimum educational hours per week. Your OASIS teacher is happy to work with you to find a collection of materials that meet both state standards and your needs.