Student Learning Plan

Student Learning Plan

Every student enrolled in the OASIS K-8 program must have a Student Learning Plan (SLP). The SLP is the road map that guides the student’s education and is developed by the certificated teacher using our online data management system, WINGS.


The plan includes academic goals and objectives specific to the student that correlate to the Washington State Learning Standards, as well as a course description, minimum hours, and curriculum materials essential to meeting the goals. The learning plan is a flexible, working document that can be changed to meet needs of the students while continuing to meet state requirements. The Student Learning Plan must be completed before a student is considered enrolled in the program.


Reminder: As required by state law, religious instruction and religiously biased materials may not be included in the Student Learning Plan, may not be purchased by OASIS, and may not be used to support the required average hours per week as these hours are considered “public school hours”. (Religious instruction is time spent directly promoting one religion over others.) The materials must not be of a nature that would preclude their use in a public school classroom. (Of course, families may use any materials they choose for hours not counted towards the minimum educational hours per week.)




Complete the form below to share about materials you hope to use & topics you plan to cover for the 2016-17 school year:



OASIS K-8 Student Learning Plan Ideas Form


OASIS 9-12 Student Learning Plan Ideas Form