About Ozen High School

About Ozen High School




Clifton J. Ozen was created during the 1997-1998 school year as part of a new student assignment plan formulated for the district.  From the onset, Clifton J. Ozen was envisioned to be a "different" school from the other two high schools in the city.  Conceived as a model school for quality education, Clifton J. Ozen has a component of the school designed to focus on educating the academically talented, gifted, and highly motivated student the Magnet Program.


Students from South Park Middle School and Odom Academy are zoned to Ozen High School.  They may chose to be a part of the Magnet Program or the regular educational program.  Students across the district may attend and participate in the Magnet Program by application.  


High expectations in academics and all aspects of campus life are a norm for Clifton J. Ozen High School.


Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular activities are available to Ozen students just as they are offered at the other high schools in the District .  However, dance, gymnastics and video production as well as some accelerated credit are offered only at Clifton J. Ozen High School.




As a student I am charged to:


- Learn as much as I can because my education is important.   


- Follow rules that keep my environment safe.


- Ask questions to save time and frustration.


- Lead others to do well, instead of following a bad example.


- Respect myself, others and even strangers.


- Come ready to learn because there is so much to learn.


- Have supplies, homework and books.


- Read to grow in my thinking.




GOAL 1: To increase student achievement


GOAL 2: To ensure a safe and secure environment


GOAL 3: To attract and retain a quality workforce


GOAL 4: To improve school climate and culture


GOAL 5: To increase positive community collaboration


GOAL 6: To promote fiscal responsibility



Whatever Ozen Does It Must Be The Best!



Royal Blue and Yellow Gold







Media Technology & Fine Arts




Celebrating 20 Years 

"I AM the change"



All hail OHS blue and gold, 

Loyalty and honor we will hold, 

As one we all hold,

Royal pride, 

All praise the panthers, Ozen High.

Building, as we grow

Let true spirit show, 

As we prepare for what's in store, 

Moving on to a brand new start, 

Ozen, forever in our hearts!