AMOCA American Museum of Ceramic Art is Announcing

AMOCA, American Museum of Ceramic Art is Announcing

09/12/17 - 12/30/17


Historically, museums have long been at the forefront of presenting and preserving our cultural values through their exhibitions and collections. Artists have reflected and documented what is happening in their communities and in society. Through their artwork, they have the opportunity to encourage contemplation, conversation, and/or action on some of the most important issues of our lifetime. With that said, AMOCA has invited artists from across the country to “serve notice” on a range of issues Our current political and social climate is arguably one of the more divisive and turbulent periods in the past 50 years. There are feelings of anger, sadness, and fear ? but also of hope, compassion, and unity. including: capital punishment; environmental protection; freedom of speech; gender equality; human rights; immigration; racism; wildlife protection; and women’s rights. Click here for additional information.  

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Support for this exhibition provided by: Lida and Ted Urban and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Image:  Jessica,Putnam-Phillips, Violet, 2016, 15 x 15 x 2 inches, porcelain, decals, china paint, gold luster

This event is a recurring series, every day effective 09/12/2017 - 12/30/2017.