Peralta Elementary School Board Presentation

Peralta Elementary School Board Presentation
March 2017

90-Day Reading Plan:

  • Consistent instructional practices in all classrooms that guarantee a viable curriculum.
  • All students will have access to high quality instruction using instructional strategies that are research based and align with Common Core State Standards or C C S S.
  • All classrooms will have evidence of Marzano's Nine Instructional Practices.


  • Overcoming challenges in implementing a new program Journeys and Eureka Math
  • S A T Plans
  • Evaluation System
  • Staff turnover (positive and a challenge)
  • Our school D rating


  • M O Y I-station scores increased proficiency
  • Implementing intervention that is targeted for student access
  • Eureka, Math data folders (tracking student progress)
  • Providing professional development to new staff and continued professional development for all staff
  • Instructional Model Implementation

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