Welcome to the 2017x2f18 School Year

Welcome to the 2017/18 School Year



With summer coming to a close, students say goodbye to the end of carefree days, parents rejoice at the return of the routine, and teachers prepare to educate and inspire incoming and returning students. Each new school year brings excitement, anticipation, and expectation. This year the class of 2018 embarks on their last year of secondary education, the incoming kindergartners welcome their first, and everyone moves one step further in both academic and personal growth. Our theme for this school year is “Together is Better.” Superintendent Terry Oestreich explains, As we embark upon a new school year, we are excited to fulfill our Governing Board’s mission to collectively inspire every child in every classroom every day. Our district wide training “Eliminating Barriers to Learning” provided our team with the opportunity to explore strategies expanding access to learning while reinforcing the many assets we already have in place to ensure student success. The chosen theme is our commitment to honor relationships with all our stakeholders as we open the doors to the 2017-18 school year.”


“Together is Better” embodies our belief that education comes from a united team of educators, staff, parents, and community members working collectively to create the most enriching opportunities for academic and personal growth for each student. We believe that addressing students’ needs takes committed and caring individuals willing to lean on one another, utilizing each professional's strengths to effectively address problems and create solutions. This year we are excited to welcome many new certificated and classified staff members to our team and look forward to the innovation and creativity that they will bring to our classrooms and schools.


This year we look forward to furthering the implementation of our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) framework, which includes more intensively targeted and unified activities for prevention of bullying and suicide, and for awareness of mental health across the district. There will be another exciting round of 1:1 computer implementation to support 21st-century learning, as well as an official district-wide roll out of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Additionally, we are excited to start Measure B projects, expand school gardens, pilot new elementary PE curriculum in partnership with Plumas County Public Health, and offer Plumas Academies at all high schools - giving students and families options for online learning, blended programs, and independent study.


During the welcome back day on August 23, a few teachers offered their feedback regarding what they are most looking forward to this year. New Portola Jr./Sr. High School English teacher Sara Murphy shared, “Having just recently finished my masters, I’m still very much connected to the power and necessity of technology. This was a missing piece while I was going to QHS, so I’m very excited that my classroom will have a computer for each student this year. I look forward to having my students use the computers to explore the power of their personal voices and the creativity of writing for a public audience rather than just for a grade ( i.e. public blogs and forums). Writing should be fun and expressive. I want to give my students a chance to write for themselves not just regurgitate what they think I want to read.” Quincy Jr./Sr. High School English teacher Erica Perdue shared that she is excited to start using Google Classroom this year, and Greenville Jr./Sr. High School English teacher Lisa Balbiani shared she is very excited to create her model 21st century classroom. Balbiani stated, “This year my room will be a model 21st century classroom using our Measure B funds to update and renovate our schools. This includes not only new technology but new 21st century furniture that makes learning more functional, interactive, and accessible for each student. The whole point of the upgrades is to increase student engagement. When we can keep kids engaged and happy, they can learn more effectively.” Many teachers shared that they are excited for NGSS including Kellie Bainbridge, Betty Lazaldo, and Jefferson Dolan, who all agreed that they couldn’t wait to get their students outside exploring and learning in the outdoors. Chester Elementary Interim Principal John Goolsby commented, “I think this year is going to be a very powerful and connected year for students, parents, and teachers because of PBIS.” Chester Student Services Coordinator Laura Kincaid also articulated her excitement for the new year sharing, “I’m really looking forward to a year of growth all around. Our motto of togetherness is exactly what our school district needs. We have so many new people that this year I'm looking forward to a melting pot of collaboration amongst new and old with everyone still learning what works best for our sites and our communities and what is truly in the best interest of our kids.”









New Staff Includes The Following

Portola High School:

Sara Murphy: English and Yearbook Teacher

Emilee Pruitt: Nurse

Wendy A. Jackson: 7th grade and High School Science

C. Roy Carmichael:

Alicia Neely: Special Needs Assistant

Jessica Renteria: Kindergarten

Ryann Marquette: 1st Grade

Monica Sanford: 2nd Grade

Jennifer Preston: 4th Grade

Mary Ellen Weaver: Opportunity

Emily Felix: 5th Grade

Jason Prakash: Special Education

Quincy High School:

Erin Mongiello: Principal

Jill Dupras: Counselor

Bradley Preston: Cook Manager/Food Services

Quincy Elementary:

Erica Bryant: Kindergarten

Steven Trujillo: 5th Grade

Jefferson Dolan: 6th Grade

Chester High School:

Dana Ludington: High School Science

Chester Elementary School:

John Goolsby: Interim Principal

Melissa White: 4th Grade

Christen D. Pelletier: Opportunity

Indian Valley Elementary and Greenville High School

Traci Cockerill: Principal

Mina Admire: Administration Assistant

Denise Cadicamo: K-12th Special Education

Emily Foy: 3rd Grade