Middle School Grades 78

Middle School Grades 7-8


The course of study in Religion in Grade 7 focuses on the life of Jesus.

Grade 8 prepares for the sacrament of Confirmation which is received in the Spring. Grade 8 also includes the study of the Church.


The Diocese of Trenton Math Curriculum is based on the Common Core Curriculum Math Standards . Mathematics is taught on a continuum from Pre K through eighth grade. Priority topics for grade 7 are ratio. proportions, geometry and continued emphasis on statistics, probability and problem solving. The priority topics for grade 8 include rational and irrational numbers, solving equations, exponents, transformations, probability, statistics using bivariant data.

Integrated Language Arts

Integrated Language Arts develops skills in reading, listening, and speaking.  The curriculum is enhanced through the use of an interdisciplinary program, Highly Effective Writing.  A technology based program, Writing Road Map is also utilized.


In grades 7 and 8 students explore life, earth, and physical science. Abstract concepts are studied as students explore the world around them. The students use scientific reasoning and critical thinking to develop their understanding of scientific principles.  Science literacy is encouraged so our students can participate fully in a world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology.

Social Studies

In Social Studies students focus on understanding US History and Geography, as well as their role as a democratic citizen. Through analysis of primary and secondary sources, 7th grade students strengthen their knowledge of America's developments from the 15th Century through Westward Expansion.

8th grade students develop their research skills while studying US History II, which continues from Reconstruction to current events.