Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary

The primary program at Pope John
Paul II is designed to teach the whole child. We follow the Core Curriculum
Standards as well as the standards set by the Trenton Diocese. Christian values
are at the center of our teaching.

The Religion program stresses our
Catholic faith. In 2nd grade the students are prepared for the sacraments of
Reconciliation and Eucharist. Students are encouraged to practice their faith by
offering their service and talents to others.

The Integrated Language
Arts program introduces the students to the skills needed to become a good
reader and writer. Emphasis is on phonetic development as well as writing,
grammar, spelling and penmanship.

The Math program gives the students
the opportunity to develop math concepts and skills. Each grade is keeping a
math journal to build confidence in problem solving. Students are given the
opportunity in the primary unit to use math manipulatives whenever

Social Studies and Science gives the student the opportunity to
explore the world around them. In Social Studies students learn about their
families and their communities. They learn about special people and national
holidays. Science class helps the student discover all that nature has to offer.
They learn about their bodies and how they grow and change. They also study
plants and animals as well as space and weather.