Music Art and Physical Education

Music, Art, and Physical Education



The music curriculum covers an array of skills such as identifying the names and families of instruments, composers and music vocabulary. Music history and theory are introduced when age appropriate. Liturgical music is highlighted in order to prepare each class for Mass. Special dramatic programs at Christmas and in the Spring allow the students to display their individual talents.


Our Art program is designed to teach
every child how to express themselves through art. The curriculum explores the
elements, principles and discipline of art. Students draw and create as well as
study in a developmental and sequential way, as well as studying art from other
artists,cultures and historical periods. Meaningful art activities expose
students to a variety of media and techniques. In every area, the emphasis is to
stimulate motivation and self expression,while developing a sense of
achievement. Be sure to view students art work at Artsonia.




The Physical Education program is designed to give the students a fit for life attitude. Students are working to: increase fitness levels, muscle strength, and muscle endurance, improve fine and gross motor skills and enhance sports related skills. Classes consist of a warm up activity, a fitness activity, a skills session, and a game to reinforce the skills. Emphasis is placed on a strong work ethic, cooperative play, and demonstrating good sportsmanship. All students are encouraged to show good solid Catholic morals and values. Units are introduced in various sports, games, movement education and dance.