TechnologyLibrary and Spanish

Technology,Library and Spanish

Students in Grades Pre-K to 8 attend Computer Technology classes weekly in the Computer Lab giving them access to the latest technology.

The Computer Lab is equipped with twenty-eight Hewlett-Packard desktop computers all running Windows XP, several laser printers and a SmartBoard. Every classroom
is equipped with at least one Windows XP computer and printer.

These computers as well as the Computer Lab computers are all joined on the school’s network and
access the internet over a Comcast coaxial cable link.

In addition to reinforcing basic skills in keyboarding and word processing, students receive instruction in building spreadsheets and using Power Point to make

Students are encouraged to develop creative and critical thinking skills. Projects and assignments are designed to reinforce skills and information which the students are learning in their core curriculum



The students participate in a weekly library program from Pre-Kindergarten to Eighth Grade.

The library is designed for reading and research.

There are four computers and over 12,000 books.


Pre Kindergarten to Third Grade take a journey through literature. The journey begins with a reading story time followed by an introduction to library skills.


Grade Four to Eight concentrate on library skills and research components. The students work on research projects through the use of the Internet.


The goal of our Spanish language curriculum is to increase student proficiency in the written and spoken language.


It is important for students to also develop an appreciation for
Hispanic culture so they can understand and respect it.


All of this is achieved through the use of games, songs, puppets, movies, crafts, projects and phonetic