Upper Elementary Grades 46

Upper Elementary Grades 4-6

A variety of  teaching methods are used to accommodate different learning styles and abilities. Technology is incorporated into various subjects.


A Christian atmosphere is present in the teaching of Catholicism. The fifth grade emphasis is on the Sacraments with many references to the New Testament. Sixth grade studies are focused in the Old Testament and the journey of faith of God's People. Acts of kindness and service are emphasized in both classes.


The sequential math program builds on previous knowledge to incorporate further mathematical reasoning. An emphasis is made on relating math to real-world situations. Manipulatives, calculators and cooperative learning helps to expand mathematical understanding. After school math tutoring helps students to reach their fullest potential.


Integrated Language Arts provide a connection between reading, writing, grammar and spelling. Stories provide interest in various topics and genres. The connection is then made from the story to creative writing, grammar and spelling areas. The writing process is further enhanced by using the computer for word processing.

Social Studies

All students will utilize historical thinking, problem solving and research skills to maximize their understanding of civics, history , geography and economics.

Grade 4 examines the past and present geography and economics of the state of New Jersey. Students also review the values, principles and democracy of the United States.

Grade 5 focuses on the regions of the United States and historical stories of Early America.

Grade 6 studies the ancient civilization of Southwest Asia: Africa, Asia, Greece, Rome and the Arab World.


The Science curriculum integrates technology and bodily -kinesthetic activities to understand real life physical, life and earth sciences. The curriculum fosters the concepts and encourages students to be self-directed individual learners.