We believe that our primary purpose is to teach students how to proclaim the Gospel, to build faith communities and to celebrate through worship and service to others.


We believe that we must enable our students to bring others to Christ through the teaching of values and morals in a faith filled environment.


We believe that our school is a Christ-centered community devoted to equality and fairness, encouraging dignity, self-esteem, integrity and responsibility.


We believe that we must inspire students to reach their full potential academically and spiritually, prepared with learning skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


We believe that we provide a safe, structured, supportive environment that provides students with the opportunity to achieve their potential.


We believe that we must diligently strive to develop students who are intellectually competent, religious, and committed to justice and integrity.


We believe that our school embraces cultural diversity and reflects the world in which our students will live and work.


We believe that parents as the primary educators of our students provide the foundation and support to advance the school’s mission.


We believe that every student needs to feel confident, capable and loved.


We believe that we must encourage students to strive for self-discipline, personal responsibility, accountability, and personal growth.