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~ KINDERGARTEN & 1st Grade ~

Reading Eggs

* Reading Eggs (K & 1)

- Password Needed

   Literacy Center / Literacy Center
Starfall ** Starfall   More

** More Starfall

- Password Needed

 RoomRecess / RoomRecess Games    Five Frame

* Five Frame-

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 Peep / Peep and the Big Wide World    Ten Frame * Ten Frame-

Download Applet

Puzzle Me Words / Puzzle Me Words   Paw Park


/ Paw Park
Loosey Goosey Rhymes / Loosey Goosey Rhymes   abcya / ABCYA
 Kindergarten Games

/ Preschool andKindergarten

  Big Brown Bear / Big Brown Bear
 Keyboard Climber / Keyboard Climber    ABC Order

/ ABC Order

PBS Kids PBS Between the Lions Sesame Street

Sesame Street Game Room

Avens Corner Avens Corner



~ MATH ~

* Mr Nussbaum's LA Games * Mr Nussbaum's Math Games
** STAR Reading * Hooda Math
** Scholastic News Magazines ** Cool Math
* Free Rice * Math Playground
/ Webster's Word Central ** STAR Math
/ Authors and Illustrators / How Many Under the Shell?
* BookHive * Guess My Button
/ DIBELS Interventions * People Patterns (Advanced)
/ Earobics Game Goo * Mystery Operations (Advanced)
* Poetry4Kids / Discovering Coin Values
* * AAAMath
/ Jumble for Kids * IXL
/ Sheppard Lang. Arts Games / Talking Calculato
/ Wordle / Save the Whale
/ PBS Kids Stories / Turtle Pond
/ Storyline / Give Your Brain a WorkOut
* Rebus Rhymes / Sheppard Math Games
* Newsela * A Math Dictionary for Kids
Mixed Sight Word Games * Illuminations Interactive Math (CCS)
* Turtle Diary
/ Johnnie's Math Page
Thesaurus * Create a Graph


Spelling City

** iCivics The Happy Scientist
Drive Through Time: Amer. History Smithsonian: Science and Nature
U.S. State Games Science Bob
/ Sheppard U.S.A. Games NASA for Kids
National Geographic Kids Amazing Animal Senses
Smithsonian: History and Culture Aminal Fact Guide
Interactive Flag Learn About Weather
Who Am I?: A History Mystery Weather Wiz Kids
The Price of Freedom Exploring Weather
Ben's Guide to Government for Kids Science Games
Delaware Facts and Symbols Kids Health
** Flat Stanley *Science News
World History for Kids (many ads) * Virtual Body
American Centuries Brain Pop Science
America's Freedom Documents CellsAlive
Printable U.S. Maps * SwitcherooZoo