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  Name  Sorted Class ID Teacher Modified  
Augustus - Lang. Arts 8
Welcome to the class page of Mr. Augustus, 8th grade ELA. I am elated to have the opportunity to teach your child. This page is updated... (cont'd)
A. Augustus
May 13  
Barnes - Lang. Arts ACE 6
Welcome to ELA Academic Core Extension 06.
K. Barnes
Oct 24, 17  
T. Barrineau
Aug 22, 16  
Boyd - Math ACE 6
Welcome to Ms. Boyd's class page for everything Math ACE 6th grade! Please feel to call or email me with any questions.
S. Boyd
Aug 29, 17  
Braun - Math 6
Welcome to Braun.
E. Braun
Jan 18  
A. Brown
Jan 26  
Brown - Sci. GATE 7
Welcome to GATE Sci 7th.
A. Brown
Jan 26  
A. Bullock
May 10  
A. Bullock
May 17  
Buyer - Orchestra
Welcome to Buyer - Orchestra. Parents - Please Click Here to enter student/parent contact information. Thank you
P. Buyer
Nov 16, 17  
Conard - SC History 8
on line text book Copy and paste the following website in your browser Type in “2do29483” for the User... (cont'd)
M. Conard
Mar 20  
Cox - Dance
Welcome to the River Oaks Middle School Dance Department! I am looking forward to getting to know you this semester and sharing my passion for... (cont'd)
A. Cox
Aug 23, 16  
Crosby - Math ACE 7
Welcome to Math ACE! ACE class stands for Academic Core Extension class! This class is a support class for students in their core math class.... (cont'd)
S. Crosby
Aug 30, 17  
Dickson - ESOL
Hello ~ Hola ~ Olá ~ Bonjour- Hallo - Chào b?n My name is Karen Dickson and I am the 6th-8th ESOL teacher at River Oaks. This is my... (cont'd)
K. Dickson
Aug 22, 16  
Dyson - Sci. 8
Welcome to Mr. Dyson's website. Here you will find news about class to the left and graded worksheets below arranged in quarters and weeks. Please... (cont'd)
A. Dyson
Dec 15, 17  
Dyson - Sci. GATE 8
Welcome to Mr. Dyson's website. Here you will find news to the left and all of the graded worksheets (organized by quarters and weeks) below in... (cont'd)
A. Dyson
Dec 15, 17  
Ellington - Middle Level Literacy
Welcome to Ellington - Middle Level Literacy.
L. Ellington
Aug 15, 17  
Fairburn - Computer Applications
Welcome to Computer Applications. Students will learn how to create, edit, format, and save Microsoft Office programs. This semester,... (cont'd)
D. Fairburn
Feb 27  
Fairburn - Keyboarding
Welcome to Keyboarding! This semester, students will be using the following two websites to help support learning in this... (cont'd)
D. Fairburn
Feb 11  
C. Finley
Feb 19  
Finley - Lang. Arts 7
Welcome to Lang. Arts 7.
C. Finley
Feb 19  
Flinner - ELA ACE 8
Welcome to Flinner - ELA ACE 8.
W. Flinner
Feb 5  
Ford - SC History 1st, 3rd, & 6th period
Welcome to SC History. Please see Contents folder below for daily notes and assignments Use the SC Online textbook link on the right to... (cont'd)
B. Ford
May 17  
Ford - Soc. Studies GATE 8 - 2nd & 7th period
Welcome to GATE 8th Grade Social Studies Please see the Contents folder below for daily notes and assignments. Use the SC Journey Online... (cont'd)
B. Ford
May 17  
Godfrey - SC History 8
Welcome to SC History.
C. Godfrey
Mar 2, 17  
C. Godfrey
Feb 28, 17  
A. Godwin
Oct 23, 17  
Gourdine - Math ACE 8
Welcome to Math Academic Core Extension 08.
C. Gourdine
Feb 3, 17  
A. Green
Apr 27  
Hammock - Soc. Studies 7
Welcome to Social Studies 7.
T. Hammock
May 18  
Hanks - Lang. Arts 6
Welcome to sixth grade and to an exciting year in ELA. I am Mr. Hanks and we will be using the website Blackboard. You will find weekly... (cont'd)
E. Hanks
May 12  
Hanks - Lang. Arts GATE 6
Welcome to GATE Lang Arts 6. We will also be using Blackboard. There will be information on both sites and Blackboard is where student's will be... (cont'd)
E. Hanks
May 12  
Hensley - Lang. Arts 7
Welcome to Lang. Arts 7.
M. Hensley
Apr 17  
E. Holby
Mar 20  
Holby - Math GATE 7
Welcome to GATE Math 7.
E. Holby
Mar 12  
B. Horne
May 14  
Johnson - Lang. Arts (6-8)
Welcome to Lang. Arts R.
T. Johnson
Feb 4  
Jones - All (6-8)
Hi,My name is Wandalyn Jones. This is my 20th year teaching. I have taught Resource and Self-contained at the middle and high school level. I... (cont'd)
W. Jones
Mar 12  
J. Krutsch
Apr 13  
Lamons - Math 6
Last few weeks of school- Please check powerschool and make sure all assignments are completed and turned in. During testing, students were... (cont'd)
T. Lamons
May 14  
Lamons - Math 8
Testing Information May 14-May 18 8th Grade tests Reading on Monday May 14 and Math on May 15- Students will be held until 8th period both... (cont'd)
T. Lamons
May 14  
Leisen - Art
Welcome to the ROMS Visual Art webpage! In the Contents section, you will find folders for each class: Art 6, Art 7, Art 8, and Art CP. Just click... (cont'd)
H. Leisen
Sep 26, 17  
O. Lubecky
Apr 16  
A. Marecki
Apr 24  
Maxey - ELA/Sci.
Welcome to Maxey - ELA/Sci..
J. Maxey
Aug 29, 17  
McIntyre/Graves - Band
Welcome to Band 1 CP.
S. Graves,
K. McIntyre
Aug 29, 17  
Mihalic - Advanced/Gifted Lit. & Composition
My name is Rhonda Mihalic, and I am happy to begin my 6th year teaching here at ROMS. I graduated from the University of North Alabama with a... (cont'd)
R. Mihalic
Apr 19  
Mihalic - Lang. Arts 8
My name is Rhonda Mihalic, and I am happy to begin my 6th year teaching here at ROMS. I graduated from the University of North Alabama with a... (cont'd)
R. Mihalic
Apr 19  
Moschel - Middle Level Literacy 6-8
Welcome to Middle Level Literacy!
M. Moschel
Sep 18, 16  
Mullinax - 8th Grade Soc. Studies
Welcome to South Carolina History
L. Mullinax
Sep 16, 16  
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