Football Jamboree Information

Football Jamboree Information

Middle School Football Jamboree

Location: Ashley Ridge High School

Date: Saturday, September 16th, 2017

Time: 10:00am

Admission: $5.00

                       Home                   Visitor

10:00am      Alston                  River Oaks

10:45am      Oakbrook           Gregg                  

11:15am      Rollings                Dubose

Each game will be a half in length—8 min quarters


All Teams need to come in the 3rd entrance to the school.  Busses will be parked in front of the stadium (student drop off area).  First game the home team and visitor team can warm up on the field.  Those games that follow the home team can warm up in area between the 2 concession stands and the visiting team can warm up in the area by the scoreboard.








Middle School Jamboree Rules:

1.     Each game will be 2 quarters in length (8 minutes) played in a game type scrimmage with a few exceptions.

2.    The home team will get the ball to start the game.  The ball will be placed on the home team’s 30 yard line.

3.    4th down options

  • Go for it
  • Punt with no rush or return, Ball may be downed or fair caught (no fumbles).
  • Field goal attempt with no rush or return. 
  • NO fake punts or field goals.

4.    PAT Options:

  • Kick with no rush (no fakes)
  • Go for 2 (play it live)

5.    Teams will switch ends at the end of the quarter like a regular game with play resuming from the last down.

3 timeouts for the half like normal