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Technology Corner

Let's Get Cooking!


With guidance and support from adults, students will be able to use a digital tool (Word, Pages, etc.) to complete certain digital tasks for college and career readiness. With the recipe cards, students will apply skills such as: capitalization and punctuation, editing font style and size, inserting a picture, setting margins, editing page orientation (landscape/portrait), saving, printing, and more! 
  • Students in kindergarten through 5th grade are cooking up some technology success!  We have created 20 recipes for success that we believe will assist our students in being prepared for college and career.
  • Each card focuses on a skill that is needed in many word processing programs.
  • Parents, please feel free to investigate the recipes located below with your child.
  • Corresponding video tutorials can also found if you continue to scroll down on this page.

Video Tutorials for Recipe Skills:
Technology Recipes for Success Commercial

Exploring Popular Keys on the Keyboard

Recipe 1:  Page Orientation 

Recipe 2: Capitalization

Recipe 3: Add One Space

Recipe 4:  Edit Font Style and Size

Recipe 5:  Punctuation and Capitalization

Recipe 6: One Space After a Sentence

Recipe 7:  Proofreading and Spell Check 

Recipe 8:  Inserting a 2 Dimensional Shape

Recipe 9:  Inserting a 3 Dimensional Shape

Recipe 10: Title Time

Recipe 11: Finding and Saving an Image

Recipe 12:  Inserting a Saved Image

Recipe 13: Saving a Document 

Recipe 14: Utilizing the Internet to Save a Picture

Recipe 15:  Inserting a Text Box

Recipe 16:  Writing an Appropriate Paragraph

Recipe 17:  Peer Editing

Recipe 18:  Enhancing Text

Recipe 19: Audio Recording

Recipe 20:  Using Data to Create a Bar Graph